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Educational Leaders NZ

Some other good cites for NZC Development that Rich has used
add yours as well-( type in the name,highlight your text and click the link tab- select "external link")

TED Talks- well worth a visit for all sorts of exemplary thinking / presentations.
Some of Richard's favourites from this site
Dan Ariely- Irrationality and behavioural economics
Malcom Gladwell- Do we really know what makes us happy?
Daniel Pink- A whole new mind
Ken Robinson- Creativity and education- Funny and thought provoking

Ed Talks- New Zealand Education

New Zealand Teachers Council- Registered Teacher Criteria- all the stuff you need to support your staff development and appraisal process

MEL Zoo- A search engine with a split screen that previews the link it displays- Try it see what you think

Kahikita- Measuring and reporting - Rubric These M.o.E. rubrics give some ideas about measuring and reporting on progress against
Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success: The Māori Education Strategy 2008 – 2012 through the Measurable Gains Framework.
relate to effectievness for all learners not just Maori

Lessons in leaderhsip form the shirtless dancing guy!

Eat that Frog - The effects of procrastination

Simon Sinek - How great leaders inspire action

Graeme Aitken U learn 2011

Innovation- Lamboghini or Lemon?

LANE CLARK- U learn 2011 - Real learning: Its bigger than inquiry