Professional Learning and Development- What works?

Professional Learning and Development.

Helen Timperley, Professor of Education at The University of Auckland, talks about professional development that makes a difference to student learning. Helen talks about the importance of combining careful assessment and analysis with pedagogical content knowledge, and ways teachers can gain this knowledge through cycles of inquiry into their practice.

From Ed Talks

What is it that makes a difference to student outcomes?- From P.L.D.- Best Evidence Synthesis

The structures for PLD don't count. What works is teachers inquiring into what students need to learn and and what teachers need to learn to make the difference

What is it that teachers need to learn?

Assessment information- Knowing how to assess students carefully and diagnostically to know what they need to learn next
Pedagogical content Knowledge- Combing what you need to know in the curriculum with how to teach it

Therefore, teachers need to assess what to teach next and teach this through informed pedagogical content knowledge
This is best done through a process of teacher inquiry- refer to inside cover of the P.L.D.- BES